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Have you ever wanted to grow your own food but haven’t had the time or confidence to get the ball rolling? We are here to support you in setting up your first vegetable garden that will not only feed you all season long but will be a place where you and your family can see nature at work. During this difficult time of pandemic it is more important than ever to be sustainable and community conscious. Creating your own allotment is a fantastic way of producing food cheaply and ecologically. Growing food really brings families and communities together!

We supply, fit and plant quality raised beds, allotment solutions, chicken runs, glass houses and even small polly tunnels. Our aim is to help you grow as much amazing veg as is possible in your garden. All our raised beds are quality assured and all materials used are suitable for the production of food grade crops. 


Our installation team will install high quality raised beds and fill them with organic certified growing medium, then our gardening team will plant out your raised beds in line with the seasons and your taste buds. With lots of experience we have great knowledge and practical skills to share. Our aim to to show people how maximise their outdoor space, growing high and sustained yields of organic vegetables, herbs and fruit.

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