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Whether it's your home or your office we can transform every space into a living, breathing indoor garden. From tropical jungles to tranquil forests, we can create the interior environment you are looking for. We look in detail at which plants will thrive and flourish in your space. Working carefully with light and shade, hot and cold. We can provide a huge range of plants and planters, with expert knowledge, ensuring that plants are well suited to each individual space. Our goal is to ensure your plants are professionally planted and positioned to thrive for years to come.

We understand that some plants need more TLC than others so we can tailor your design to reflect how much care you can provide. We can also set up maintenance and training packages so that you can confidently grow and develop you indoor garden. Plants are key to a productive working space, they are scientifically proven to improve concentration rates, stress levels, wellbeing and happiness. We can hardly believe how chilled yet productive the effect of green leafy lives can be! 

Step 1: We visit your space, and asses environmental factors such as light, warmth, and your care capacity.

Step 2: We build a detailed proposal complete with a plant portfolio and pricing within your budget.

Step 3:We install the plants in your space at a time suitable for you.

Step 4:​ Depending on your preference we can organise maintenance visits.

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