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The Calathea Ornate! An absolutely stunning plant, with its deep green leaves and pink stripy variegation it looks quiet otherworldly! These calathea are well suited to indirect light and shady areas and are very easy to keep so long as you remember to water them. Keep them hydrated and well drained, their roots should never be stood in water. Calathea are native to Colombian and Venezuelan rainforests, when caring for calathea try to emulate the rainforest environment indoors! That might sound crazy but it’s really very simple, just spray them with water to keep their humidity levels up and play them some wild bird song every so often. 

Calathea Ornata

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    Calathea Ornata  
    Pot size 15cm
    Height 30cm
    Light Indirect to low light
    Water Keep hydrated but well drained

    Keep humidity levels up by

    spraying leaves with water


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