Maranta leuconeura has incredibly striking foliage. Its leaves host an array of beautiful colours making it a riot to behold! Maranta are native to Brazil and are known as prayer plants as the leaves fold in during the night (like little hands of prayer)  and open out during the day! These plants are grow in a low profile and can sprawl or hang. They are very easy to keep and can flower in the summer! 




Maranta Leuconeura

  • ʕʘ̅͜ʘ̅ʔ

    Maranta Luconeura  
    Pot size 12cm
    Height  20cm
    Light Indirect / shade 
    Water Moist but well-drained
    Humidity Mid - high, well ventilated 


    Propagating Maranta is surprisingly easy; the best way to propagate them is to divide the plant while repotting. When repotting your Maranta plant, simply divide it into several smaller plants by gently shaking the soil off the roots and working them apart. Each new plant should have a good mass of roots and several stems. Pot these new smaller plants separately in shallow pots. Keep new divisions very warm and moist during the first few weeks until new growth emerges.