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The classic Monstera Deliciosa or 'cheese plant' is a popular house plant for good reason! This luscious plant brings bright verdant life to any indoor space! These plants are very easy to keep and people often report their Monstera growing so quickly that they have to prune them regularly or even rehouse them when they become too giant... Watch out!


Naitive to the tropical forests of Panama and south Mexico these incredible plants can grow up to 20m high, due to their aerial roots and ability to climb. The name/specific epithet 'deliciosa' means “delicious” referring to their edible fruit (which are very sweet and tasty) and 'monstera' meaning "monstrous", in reference to their incredible size! 




Monstera Deliciosa

  • ✌(◕‿-)✌

    Monstera Deliciosa  
    Pot size 17cm
    Height 50cm
    Light Bright indirect to medium light
    Water Water every 1 - 2 weeks
    Humidity Likes humidity 

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